Friday, June 18, 2010

The good thing about France...

This World Cup is turning into a similar nightmare for France as the one in 2002, when the then-world champions opened by losing 1-0 to Senegal, then tied Uruguay 0-0, and ended by a humilliating 2-0 defeat to Denmark. This year has seen a repeat of the 0-0 to Uruguay, and today France lost 2-0 to Mexico (this was also the first time France lost to Mexico in a World Cup match).
Considering the difficulties that France had qualifying, only making it by a hand-goal and the scandals surrounding the team, the defeat was perhaps not too surprising (I tipped Uruguay and Mexico to go to the next round!). But to this, one has to add the perhaps worse coach in French national football history, Raymond Domenech, who has been unable to forge a strong team from a country that truly spits out hugely talented players, who play in the best clubs in the world. With its solid clubs and a league that does not overly rely on buying players, France is one of the greatest footballing nations on earth, but has been appallingly bad.
So the good thing about France losing is that Mr. Domenech will hopefully end his way too long career as French coach!

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