Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bafana Bafana badabam!

What a pity to see South Africa lose 0-3 today to Uruguay, mostly because of their amazing fans (and the vuvuzela!). However, the side is not that strong, and they now very much run the risk of being the first host nation ever to be eliminated in the first round of a World Cup. France will not make it easy for them...
Uruguay on the other hand has confirmed that they have come to South Africa with one of the strongest teams they have had for many years, and it should come to no surprise that they are now very close to advancing to the next round for the first time since 1990. Whether they are strong enough to make it further is a big question, but surely possible with their attacking power.
In any case, even if Bafana Bafana is eliminated, South Africa remains the winner of this World Cup because of its fans and people!

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