Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Of all the unimportant things in the world, football is the most important

I was listening to a BBC World Have Your Say Podcast where they asked whether the World Cup was as important as Mandela's release.
Oh my God! Compare a football tournament with an event that changed not only a country but the entire world...!?!?

Don't get me wrong: I love and live football!
I have a pretty average dull life of a middle aged single man, no particular talents, charms or looks, so for someone like me, football is what my life revolves around. It is surely pathetic, but in some weird sociological way I am aware of the strangeness and lack of meaning of having my life revolve around a game where 22 people kick a ball.
But isn't that the nature of passion, of love itself: I can feel it, but I cannot explain it...?
Hey, that's probably why I am single.

Football may give me meaning (to me as well as to many other fanatics), but we should not forget that this passion is joined by the rest of the world only every four years, and this year the hype is as big as ever!
Of all the unimportant things in the world, football is indeed the most important, but as such, it can and should not be compared to the important issues in this world. Perhaps the world cup can bring attention to them, build bridges between peoples (but we all know football can also create divisions!), but it should never overshadow them!

In the meantime, I shall continue living football, and during this month more than ever!


alisa said...

WHAT?! You are one of the most talented and charming people I know! And, if I ever had a chance to get a look at you without the beer mug obstructing the view, I imagine you're quite the looker, too! This is not to say football should be less important to you, but I think your readers deserve to know the truth.

Anonymous said...
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El Erik said...

Hi Alisa! Thanks! Well, I do of course have the best friends and family anyone can wish for, such as you!
Though, you aren't exactly objective :)