Sunday, August 29, 2004

Argentina King of the Olympics!

The Argentine victory against Paraguay in the Olympic final was expected. Although a boring game against a brutal Paraguayan side, Argentina crowned an awesome tournament with their first ever football gold medal in the Olympics.
Later the same day, and much more surprising, Argentina won the gold medals in basketball defeating Italy 84-69. This came after the great Argentinians had defeated the USA in the semifinal!
In the Olympics, there seems to be a strange focus on the amount of medals won by a country. People get overly happy about winning a medal in a sport nobody has ever heard about...
I would rather win these two gold medals than all other together. Who cares about all other sports? Basketball and football are the two greatest sports in the world, and in my humble view Argentina has swept up as the greatest nation in these Olympics!

Monday, August 23, 2004


Sensationally, Iraq has reached the semifinals of the Olympics. They will face a very strong Paraguayan side for one spot in a final.
I have little knowledge of Iraqi football, besides the many stories about the dominance of Mr. Hussein's son in the football association.
Notwithstanding the for me pretty irrelevant political-historical context, I do know that in Mexico 1986, Iraq participated in their only World Cup ever. Back then, they were paired with a group with hosts Mexico, Belgium and Paraguay. They lost every game.
So, meeting Paraguay is not a first for the Iraqi's. In 1986, Paraguay won 1-0, on a goal by the great Paraguayan player Julio Cesar Romero - a.k.a. "Romerito".
Although I haven't seen any of Iraq's matches, I assume that their strength should be a good fight and spirit. However, I think that like in 1986, Paraguay will have the edge, and win a close fight. This doesn't take away that it is great for Iraqi football to be back on the World stage, where they belong.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

superliga strejke

Selvom man jo sympatiserer med arbejdere der forsoger at forbedre deres arbejsforhold gennem en konflikt, er det da trist for sporten...
De fleste hold stiller med anden-hold af spillere som ikke er meldemmer af Spillerforeningen, f.eks. Brondby og AaB i UEFA Cuppen. Paa trods af at modstanderne ikke er store hold, er det da skuffende at dansk fodbold ikke kan monstre starkeste hold naar man skal ud i Europa for at udstille dansk klubfodbold. Dansk klubfodbold er bunden af tredje division i Europa, paa niveau med Finland, Irland, Ungarn og andre andenrangs ligaer. Paa trods af haab om bedre resultater for danske klubber, og maaske en dag igen en plads i Champions League, saa virker dette lysaar vaek med denne konflikt.
Jeg haaber spillerne faar det de vil have, og vi snart kan se noget bold igen!

Michael Owen to Real Madrid - top-10 reasons

The Real Madrid circus of Florentino Perez has done it again: gotten a new star player for the already star-packed team.
I thought that it was over with this kind of purchases after the arrival of a more serious Camacho as coach, and with him more seriousness to the team: the purchase of star defenders Walter Samuel from Roma, and now Jonathan Woodgate from Newcastle.
With the incorporation of the super-striker Fernando Morientes, and already having Ronaldo and Raul, I just want to ask what the hell Michael Owen is good for (than replace a Portillo ceded to Fiorentina)?
I used to admire Mr. Owen a lot. I cannot see what good this is for him. But here are my top-ten reasons for Michael Owen changing to Real Madrid:

1) Posh spice was feeling lonely
2) David Beckham was feeling lonely
3) Set up an English course on the Real Madrid bench.
4) "I always wanted to get to know Italy..."
5) It was the only English name Florentino Perez and Jorge Valdano could pronounce without taking a course.
6) Michael Owen, David Beckham and Jonathan Woodgate are the prologue of a hooligan invasion.
7) If everyone is going to be speaking Spanish in Liverpool, he might as well learn it in Spain.
8) He is a really nice guy, who might make the whole waiting on the bench less boring for everyone.
9) "I am tired of Svennie getting all the women. I need to get away"
10) Food can only get better in Spain.

Olympic quarterfinals

I just saw my first game during these Olympics, when I watched Portugal get humilliated 2-4 by an excellent Costa Rican side.
The quarterfinals for August 21st are as follows:
Argentina-Costa Rica
Paraguay-South Corea

As compared with other tournaments, the interesting teams are Mali, Iraq and Australia, who have an otherwise lacking appearance in World Cups (Iraq in 1986, and Australia in 1974).
In spite of the surprises seen so far, I think Argentina stands the best chances of winning. They have many young super-stars as D'Alessandro, Saviola and Tevez, well supplemented by older players like Roberto Ayala and Gabriel Heinze.
Paraguay also stands good chances, as they have shown amazing strength so far. It is becoming interesting to follow.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Olympic football - go Iraq!

I have never been muh of an Olympic football fan. But as a football fanatic, I obviously follow its results, and will watch the final. Often, games are interesting and entertaining.
Although I have not watched any game yet, I have noticed the sensational victories of Iraq, first over Portugal and now over Costa Rica. This has secured this suffering nation a place in the quarterfinal.
I hope for Iraq that they can make it all the way. It would be wonderful if during these hard times for Iraq, a boost of happines could be given through sport. Although maybe too often forgotten, football is a game, to enjoy, and bring together people of all nations.
Go Iraq!!!

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Portugal - vice champions of Europe

I am in Portugal. It is after the Euro, so I guess I am here a bit late... However, some of the vestiges are still here, as Portuguese flags are still hanging from balconies as a show of patriotism engendered by the football euphoria of the Euro 2004.
But they strangely seem proud of their second spot; I even saw a t-shirt with the inscription: "Portugal - vice champions of Europe". How good is that? Like Jerry Seinfeld said: "You are the best of all the losers. Ahead of you, nobody lost."