Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The own-goal, the surprise and the usual...

Denmark's defeat against the Netherlands wasn't as bad as I had feared: in fact, I felt quite good at some point, feeling I might even have a little celebration with myself in the restaurant in Caracas I was having breakfast at during the match.
But it wasn't to be; after a fine first half the Danes went one down by a silly own goal by Daniel Agger/Simon Poulsen, and after this, Denmark was unable to create a chance, and lost 2-0.
And the group is not looking easy: Japan surprised many by winning 1-0 over Cameroon, and the Africans are now playing an all-or-nothing match with Denmark on Saturday (and I will be in Denmark then!). But just shows that there is no reason to underestimate the Asian teams (although Australia got killed by the extraordinary Germans), and it will be interesting to see North Corea against Brazil tomorrow!
Finally, Italy and Paraguay tied 1-1. While a fine result for the South Americans, the world champions were probably expecting more, although they often seem to start a world cup with rather poor results (just remember 1982...). Everyone is rightfully expecting that Italy will take care of it all in their next matches against New Zealand and Slovenina, and things will be as usual.

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