Monday, June 21, 2010

World champions in missed chances

Chila and Spain are two of the most see-worthy teams of the World Cup. Chile, under Marcelo Bielsa, is considered one of the outsiders for the title, and has started rather well with two 1-0 victories before their final crucial encounter with Spain. However, in both their matches, Chile has created many chances, but made so many misses that it will probably cost them the progress to the final 16, and surely will not make them world champions.
Another team that has stood out for its missed chances is Spain: against Switzerland they made no goals, and their 2-0 victory against Spain hides the fact that Spain missed tons of chances, including a rather poorly shot penalty by Daid Villa (whose first goal was nevertheless extraordinary!). This is very thoughtful considering that Portugal scored 7 goals with less chances against a better team than Honduras.
One cannot become world champion by merely creating chances!

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