Friday, May 06, 2005

Danish Cup Champions!

I do not get to see any Danish football these days. It is not a priority on African TV.
But yesterday I was overly happy to get a message from a friend, that Broendby had won the Danish Cup title, with a 3-2 victory against FC Midtjylland (do not mind the name…). It was apparently an exciting match, and Broendby only took the title after a dramatic extra time. I can almost feel the excitement!

Broendby, which is coached by the legendary Michael Laudrup, has a good shot at winning trhe double now. With 8 rounds left of the league, Broendby is 4 points ahead of FC Copenhagen. I hope to get to Denmark to celebrate the double!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Poor PSV Eindhoven

PSV Eindhoven came very close to give us a very surprising Champions League final. In th first match, in Milan, they only deserved to be down by two, because of their offensive inefficiency. In the match in Eindhoven, they came very close to upsetting the usually cool Milanese. PSV Eindhoven have truly shown themselves as a great team of Europe, and I look forward to seeing their refreshing football next season. AC Milan deserves to be in the final. They have shown their usual organisation, strength, and an incredible attacking force. It will be an exciting final on May 25th in Istambul. As usual, it can go to either side, but I just look forward to some great football!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Liverpool in the final!

Livepool has surprisingly arrived to the final of the 2004-2005 Champions League, to be played in Istambul on May 25th.
I had earlier said that Liverpool would have their hands full against Chelsea. They certainly played a well-fought match, and I am sure many Liverpool fans today woke up to find they had no fingers, from biting their nails so much towards the nerve-wrecking end of the match.
Although facing a disciplined and fighting Liverpool side, Chelsea was a disappointment. Maybe they were still hung-over from their Premier Championship victory against Bolton last Saturday; or maybe they just didn't have the edgy luck that has followed them in this successful season. I am happy though, that they did not go to win the double. It is only good and refreshing for European as well as English football to have a healthy variety of successful teams. And Liverpool deserves to be where they are. Although they have not had a brilliant season in the Premiership, they have been excellent in the CL, and some of their players have shown the world class they truly have: Stephen Gerrard, Luis Garcia, Jerzy Dudek.
Liverpool will do well in the final, no matter who they play.