Sunday, September 27, 2020

The Luis Suarez circus

Luis Suarez has always, no matter what you think about him, been a great footballer. And he has also been prone to scandals. As FC Barcelona is renewing under Ronald Koeman, the Uruguayan striker was not to be found in the plans, so in first instance it was reported that Suarez was signing for Juventus, which was surely to be an interesting pairing alongside Cristiano Ronaldo. But in what was a truly bizarre turn of events, Luis Suarez did not sign for the Italian side: as he needed a European nationality he applied for Italian citizenship, and in what appears a truly odd turn of events, Suarez has been accused of cheating in order to speed up the paperwork application. If it is true, Suarez would really appear as an entitled rich footballer who can bypass what so many others struggle to achieve, although one has to wonder about Juventus (who appeared to backtrack on the signing) and University of Peruggia, where the exam was administered.

So after this entire circus, Luis Suarez has joined a new circus: namely Diego Simeone's Atlético Madrid side, a team where Suarez experience, skills and passion will fit in well. In his debut against Granada, Suarez came on for Diego Costa 20 minutes before the end, and scored twice, showing that it might be another interest season ahead for the traveling entertainment that is Luis Suarez.

Saturday, September 05, 2020

A good, not a god

I actually feel sorry for Lionel Messi, despite my criticism of his attitude in football. Following the 2-8 humiliation to Bayern Munich he had officially announced his wish to leave FC Barcelona (but appears to be a result not only of that match). 

I have no doubt that Messi loves Barcelona, but at one point in life one has the need to try new things to be happy: Messi does not appear to be happy in a club that he has given everything, but where they seem to treat him as a good (rather than a "god"), with an immense economic value, yes, but not valued as a human with desires and needs. I heard in an interview today that he preferred to stay in Barcelona rather than to take the club to court; I understand that, and that shows him as a man with loyalty; a loyalty that is obviously not returned if the club-leadership, who appears who have acted in really bad faith, insinuates that his leaving can only result in a court case! 

As a football fan Messi will remain one of the best ever, and as he closes down on the end of his career, he certainly deserves a worthy exit, and I feel sorry that he can not get that in Barcelona, including the fascination it would have been to see him play in a different league!

Thursday, September 03, 2020

The Covid-19 infected

I heard that Neymar and Angel DiMaria have been diagnosed with Corona virus. I wish them a speedy recovery following the disppointment of losing the Champions League final. This just confirms that everyone can get this virus. It is increasingly frustrating that it does not seem to retreat as the world tries to reopen and we eagerly look forward to moving around freely, and for the privileged few like myself (as well as Neymar and DiMaria), to travel to Europe. That said, don't forget that many people do not have that freedom with or without a virus.