Saturday, October 23, 2004


I am almost too depressed after Valencia's incredible defeat at home, 1-5 to Inter, last wednesday... I hardly feel like watching football any more. There is emptiness all around me with this disappointment.
Well, at least it was not a final, and Valencia has the chance to recuperate, by winning the next games in the champions league, as well as defeating Real Madrid tonight on Santiago Barnabeu.
After wednesday, I doubt very much that this will happen. But I must keep hoping.

Monday, October 18, 2004


Bernd Schuster was a great, albeit controversial, player in both Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atlético Madrid, as well as on the German national team. Now, he is coaching the Valencian team of Levante, which ascended to la Primera División this season. They have had a sensational start to the season, and are now on the fifth spot. Actually, they had not been in the higest league since 1965, and after defeating Numancia away 1-3, it was their first away victory in 40 years.
Congratulations Levante, and look forward to more games!

Danish football twits

In Danish football, there is a very controversial man called Christian Andersen. He is currently coaching the team of FC Nordsjælland (another unpronounceable name of a Danish team), where he continues to be a very controversial coach: he has a very antisocial attitude and unpleasant way of addressing people. At the same time, he is very direct, making him a seemingly awful person. However, he has had great results with lesser teams, and in 1999, he was recruited to coach Denmark's biggest club, FC Copenhagen. But on this post, he was fired after only one game. It was then said that he had been fired because of personality clashes with the players. A long period of slandering ensued, particularly between Mr. Andersen, and the uncharismatic president of FCK, Mr. Flemming Østergaard, also known as "Don Ø".
In the last week, the slandering has reached proportions of shit-slandering. Mr. Andersen published a book, boring as it may seem, where he criticized the attitude of Don Ø, as well as other candid remarks on for instance Per Frimann, former boss in the football club AB, and now a central figure on a Danish football TV show, OnSide.
Then, this weekend, Don Ø was on TV with Mr. Frimann, commenting on the real reason Mr. Andersen was fired five years ago. It was apparently because Mr. Andersen was a drunk womanizer during a trip to the Canayr Islands, five years ago. Don Ø could not keep quiet any more.
Now, Mr. Andersen is obviously an idiot. But Don Ø is more so by replying to him in this low way, five years after these events supposedly happened. It is nothing but a low form of revenge, of the kind a real gentleman would be too large to enter into.
It is understandable that both these teams play so bad, and both lost pathetically this weekend (FCK 1-4 to Silkeborg, and FCN 2-3 to Esbjerg). At least fans of either team can be entertained by this pathetic circus of two clowns, when their teams cannot perform. Maybe we will have to be thankful, to them and to OnSide for providing the cannon fodder.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Liechtenstein's victory streak and other qualifiers

Just as we thought we had seen it all with Liechtenstein's tie with Portugal, the Liechtensteiners (what is a person from Liechtenstein called anyway?) continued the streak with a 4-0 victory over Luxembourg. At the same time, Andorra also managed their first victory ever by defeating Macedonia. A warning for Netherlands, Czechia, Romania and Finland?
A historical day for both Andorra and Liechtenstein. My congratulations go out to all fans of these two teams, who are hopefully celebrating!
Portugal had something to show after the tie to Liechtenstein, and made Russia suffer with a 7-1 victory. Scotland continued disappointing by tying Moldova 1-1, while some exiting close games also took place: Italy-Belarus 4-3, Wales-Poland 2-3, Croatia-Bulgaria 2-2, and Northern Ireland-Austria 3-3.
Finally, Spain did badly again, although this time they had no referee to help them (like against Belgium last week), and had to settle with a 0-0 draw against Lithuania.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

European World Cup qualifiers, October 9th

The games in the European regional qualifiers for the 2006 World Championship in Germany, have so far not been overly exciting spectacles of marvelous football. However, after yesterday's games, there are some things worth dwelling at:
-Liechtensten got 2-2 against the strong Portuguese side. This is the first time ever Liechtenstein has not lost a qualifier! It is a huge disappointment for Portugal though, but they must be used to it...
-Ireland managed to get a well-deserved 0-0 in Paris, against a French side which is becoming a shadow of its former self.
-Spain finally got a victory in the qualifier, defeating Belgium 2-0, albeit with a lot of help from the referee.
-England deservedly defeated Wales in a somehow boring game. But a gimpse of brilliance came from David Beckham, when he scored the second goal on a wonderful shot.
-An inefficient Italian side lost away to Slovenia. Slovenia is looking good, but the Italians will surely get ahead.
-The Scottish side is looking as weak as ever under Berti Vogts, after losing 0-1 at home to Norway.
-Denmark got a difficult and important away victory in Albania, and is looking to a tuff game against Turkey in Copenhagen next week. Turkey defeated Kasakhstan 4-0.
-Netherlands only got a tie 2-2 in Macedonia, while the Czech Republic defeated Romania, and Finland defeated Armenia. With that, Group 1 is looking as exiting as ever. On wednesday Finland will face the Orange Army.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Spanish Coach Luis Aragones

In football, horrible things are often said about other people. Fans are usually good at finding names and calling people terrible things. One of the lowest denominators are the openly racist comments. UEFA has correctly tried to work against racism in football. In this context, it is much more deplorable when Spanish coach Mr. Aragonés recently crossed the line by shouting to José Reyes "Tell the Negro that you are better than him", refering to Mr. Reyes' Arsenal teammate, the great Thierry Henry.
Mr. Aragonés in national coach. He represents all of Spain, and the only signal he sends with this, is that these kinds of comments are accepted in Spain. Even though Mr. Aragonés has now issued an apology, FIFA should step in with a warning to the Spanish football federation. When fans do these things, clubs are often fined. Now it is not barely a fan, but one of the top men of Spanish football. It is a deplorable image to send out of Spanish football, and a step backward in fighting racism in football.

Saturday, October 02, 2004


Big trouble with fans at the UEFA Cup match between Millwall and Ferencvaros in Budapest. While the Millwall fans are known to be rather troublesome, it does in no way excuse the fact that four were stabbed. I certainly hope they recover and that the perpetrators are found. Nobody deserves this to happen to them when going to watch the greatest sport on Earth.
Most fans of any team are great people (in spite of what I might feel when my team looses...). Therefore, the first to denounce such incidents are the real fans of Ferencvaros and Millwall respectively, in spite of the disagreements engendered by the fights.
It is hard to make an example, but a good thing so far has been to let Ferencvaros play its home games in an empty stadium, and give fines to the clubs, so that they may work harder to take the violent elements out of their fan-clubs.
Please, no real football fanatics need this shit in football.

On a more amusing note, I would recommend all to go into the Ferencvaros website (, where you will be welcomed by the "YMCA" in Hungarian... Dunno how proud I would be if it were my club...

Arsenal infighting

Trouble in Arsenal. Apparently, after the Arsenal tie with Rosenborg in the Champions League, Norwegian police had to be called in to separate Patrick Vieira and Lauren, who had gotten into a fight about the Rosenborg goal. It is even worse to think that it is the captain, Mr. Vieira, who should go ahead in not creating disharmony in the team.
I am not an Arsenal fan, and care less if these guys fight and later lose. On the other hand, I do want to see good football, and I know how the press blows things up. It might all be a little brawl between players with a lot of temper. But if all of this is true, it does not seem that Arsenal has the harmony necessary to go all the way to win the CL. In spite of their record in the Premier League, they run the risk of an early exit from the CL.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Champions League Matchday 2: My team

The champions league has really gotten off to an excellent start, and this second round already showed some memorable games.
AS Roma continued deepening its crisis against a Real Madrid team, that was looking pathetic when down 0-2, but showed that the primadonnas are able to fight back. Maybe this victory will be crucial for Madrid's season.
Other teams continued showing strength: Bayern Munich is looking a strong contender, led by an amazing Roy Maakay, and Manchester United is building up a new strong team with Super-Rooney at the forefront. Chelsea defeated the defending champion from FC Porto, and is looking a strong contender to the title.
Two of the strongest contender to the title, Barcelona and AC Milan, both continued victorious against Shakhtar Donetsk and Celtic respectively. Playing a different kind of football, the next matchday will see these two great teams facing each other, in what could become an early final...
Dynamo Kiev and Lyon both showed that they are teams to be seriously reconned with: Dynamo Kiev defeated the Leverkusen team that had humilliated Real Madrid, while Lyon got an excellent result from the strong home-team Sparta Prague. At the same time as some of the greater teams disappointed: Arsenal only managed to tie in Norway against Rosenborg, and Valencia lost to Werder Bremen.
The CL has started great, and it will be even more excited!

Now, on a more personal account, it was not such a great round. My team in the UEFA Fantasy football, Abruniohene, did rather badly, considering that I had started off quite well. Some of my players scored, like Saviola and Eto'o. Others did fine, like Nedved and Kaká. But all in all, I could not compete with teams who had Luis Figo or Roy Makaay. One player, goalkeeper Rütsu, even got minus points, after the lesson he received against Manchester United.
Oh well, there are many rounds ahead, and victories for Abrunioehene!