Thursday, June 24, 2010

Denmark run over by a Honda

I was in Copenhagen today and the city was as always wonderful in a gorgeous sun and people were expectant about today's important match against Japan: Denmark had never been eliminated before in the first round of a World Cup and Japan did not seem an awfully frightening opponent although Denmark had not been too convicing in the first two matches.
Better and easier to be an optimist on such a beautiful day in Copenhagen!

However, the Japanese were far superior to a Danish national team that was indeed eliminated for the first time. The Japanese were very organised, disciplined, ran like machines and scored three beautiful goals, two of which were on free kicks, something that has not been done often in this World Cup! In particular the CSKA player Keisuke Honda ran around the Danish players, and stands out as one of the players to continue watching during this tournament.

It is always disappointing to see your team fall, but it makes it easier when it happens to a far better team, such as Japan was today (well, just grab a beer!). Congratulations to Japanese fans, who will see their team with very good chances against a Paraguayan side that could only manage a 0-0 with New Zealand and which is looking far less dangerous than Japan! I think Japan will make it to the quarterfinal!

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Anonymous said...

Well, Not a good welcome back from the bush of Alaska. I have been in a small town in Alaska called Sleetmute which is 250 miles west of Ancorage. The only way to get there was a 1 and a half hour bush plane flight from anchorage.
Anyway, I watched the game last night against japan when i came home on with my Danish "vintage" jersey and Carlsberg beer.
I agree, japan was by far the more superior team. Denmark was just plain awful, complacent, sluggish, no creativity, and did not seem motivated. I truly think that Miami FC would have done better against Japan.
Talk to you later!