Thursday, March 08, 2007

Valencia brawl

What a huge fight Valencia and Inter had in their CL match. It is a disgrace. Although I support Valencia, this support is limited to the qualities of the players on the pitch. And Inter... well, they are not much better.
David Navarro is truly a coward, and I hope he is no longer seen on the team.
There is a reason football just ain't the same any more. And it ain't just because of fan violence, but seems the players are as bad at least - they should know better and be more responsible.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Barcelona out

Last night I went to watch football. I haven't done it for long, but went to a local bar here in Maputo called Mondos, where they show many sports. The place is full of South Africans though. In spite of they having the next world cup, they know absolutely nothing of football.

It's tuff to watch football not drinking beer. The result was rather predictable nevertheless: Liverpool was surely going to pull home the victory over the two games, although the Barcelona pressure would give tham a narrow victory, which would keep the fans of both teams awfully nervous.

Barcelona is out, the champions are out. Still, no team has ever managed to defend the title in the CL!