Wednesday, June 21, 2006

World Cup goal number 2000

Lately, I have not been on the internet much. But of course, I have keenly followed the 2006 World Cup! Last night, England won their group in front of Sweden by tying 2-2, and will be facing the surprising Ecuadorians in the final. In spite of the results, England cannot be happy with the way they have been playing; two unimpressive victories against mediocre teams, and a tie against Sweden, which was based mostly on individual skills (Joe Cole's marvellous strike) and awful English defending.

Most English already believe they are world champions, and that Ecuador is nothing but a walkover. No doubt, England are huge favourites against the Ecuadorians (who, in spite of the excellent results, are nothing but a mediocre South American team). But they will certainly have to play better, also if they want to have any chance against bigger teams.

On a more historical note, the England-Sweden game saw goal number 2000 of World Cup history, when Sweden's Marcus Allback scored the first Swedish equalizer. 2000 magic moments...

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