Friday, June 09, 2006

The day has come

I have been waiting four years for today. One month of football. One month of excitement. The World shall eat football, sleep football, dream football, work football, breathe football...
There was nothing before, there is nothing after...
Only in four more years!


Anonymous said...

Så er det hele startet. Og om en halv time er det Ghana der skal spille, og forhåbenligt skabe en god overraskelse mod Italien!
Hey Erik - kommer der ikke snart nogle kommentarer om de enkelte kampe, dine betragtninger, dine kritiske syn på de enkelte hold og deres præstationer mv? Jeg glæder mig til din skarpe analyser...

El Miguel - Denmark

Anonymous said...

I agree, Erik, what's your take of the first week of the 2006 Cup?

Personally I think we have seen some amazing football. Although I hate to admit it I think the Argentinians and the Germans have delivered quite impressive results. Especially the first and I would not be surprised to see these two teams in the final (unless they would eventually have to clash earlier - Erik?).

The biggest dissapointment has been Sweden who probably has the world's most overrated attack... Swedes - come on!!! Make Scandinavia proud. Good to see Elmander coming in and making that vital difference.

Of course this is in hard competition with the French. I actually didn't see their game against Switzerland. After five minutes I deemed it too boring. French: Fucking retire - all of you!

From Angola I can report that everybody treated the 0-1 defeat against Portugal as a victory which is obviously pathetic... Angolans: get real, at the end of the match you have to have more goals than the opponent to win. However, I am happily and loudly going to support the 'Palancas' against Mexico tonight.

OK, all for now. Looking forward to any reactions!


El Erik said...
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El Erik said...

thank you for your comments. I hope Angola qualifies, but the attitude you describe is worrisome. A defeat is a disappointment.
Sweden were another disappointment. 2-2 against the world's most overrated bunch of sarong-clad multimillionarie pretty boys is just not good enough. England is highly overrated, and connaot win playing like they did in round 1.
France is a big disappointment.
Italy is just pathetic and I hope they go home.
Argentina is stunning. But they may well face another great German side in the quarterfinal. Impossible for them to meet in the final.
Ghana!! Tomorrow they are playing. The country is boiling. I do nopt hide that I would have preferred Ghana and the US to progress, but if things cannot be different, I shall hope Ghana and the Czechs go to next round.