Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Great French

What distinguishes great teams through history, is that they win the right matches at the right time. Spain has never been a big team. But France has, and showed it again last night.

Walking into the match, Spain had three first round victories, while France had been mediocre to say the least, barely qualifying for the last-16 by defeating Togo. So all eyes were set on Spain, and the fact that this might be their year. It wasn't, even though David Villa brought the Spaniards ahead on a penalty kick. 3-1 for France was the end score, where Ribery, Vieira and Zidane took advantage of Spanish mistakes. It is amazing to see Spain, again and again losing in important tournaments, by being naive and unconcentrated.

Only pity is that Thierry Henry didn't score, so he could get back on Luis Aragones racist comments...

In any case, Brazil-France in the quarterfinal is another clash of titans, much more than a Brazil-Spain. So that is something to look forward to indeed!


Anonymous said...

Yes, what a great game yesterday evening. I think that Germany and France will meet in the final. Sorry Erik, but Argentina will have a hard time on Friday against Germany. Ghana should be proud :-)

El Erik said...

Hej Soren, well, it will be difficult, but I expect Maxi Rodriguez to score another great goal and take Argentina ahead. France-germany in the final would be exciting though - a repeat of the 1982 and 1986 semifinals (both won by the Germans).
Ghana should be proud indeed. however, many Ghanaians believe the referee was bought, and that FIFA took the game away from them.