Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ghana explosion

It was boiling, and now it has exploded!!! Ghana is in the last-16. In spite of a mediocre game, Ghana won 2-1, on a non-existing penalty given by a very friendly referee (one thing you can say about the US is that the referee's have not been overly nice to them).

But what the hell? A victory that counts as good as any other. Unfortunately, the Italians won 2-0 against the very disappointing Czechs. Italy thus wins the group, and will have an easier time in the last-16, where they will face Croatia or Australia.

Ghana on the other hand, will likely face Brazil. The defending World Champions against my favourite African debutants. It will be hard, and the more so, as Ghana's super midfielder, Michael Essien, will be out with a suspension. Ghana will have to correct many mistakes: any defense error will be swiftly punished by the Brazilian super strikers. Any chance Ghana will get must be scored on, as the mighty Brazilian defenders will not be in the mood for gifts.

Brazil. Who would have thought? And as I write this, a huge party is going on outside in the streets of Accra! Cheers Ghana!


Gabby said...

You better have pictures and video from the party! So jealous!

El Erik said...

an unbelievable blast.
Check Alisa's videos:

Gabby said...


El Erik said...

Also, check out this article previewing the game between Ghana and the US: it mentions the Captain!!!!

Stig said...

It's a couple of mine shots Erik has used. There's a few more here:

And more to follow later at:

(When Erik won't give me credit for the pictures, I better do it myself;-))

El Erik said...

ok ok. These are Stig's pictures! Of course! But I was there :-)

Anonymous said...

okay I guess I should say Thanks Sty!