Sunday, February 20, 2005

The hardest choice

Sometimes in life, a man is faced with difficult choices: "should I stay or should I go?", "Another beer?", "the blond or the redhead?"
Everyone has tried this, and we must all take a choice.

Next Tuesday and Wednesday, I will be one of many football fanatics around the world who will be faced with the dilemma: "Which game should I watch!?"
On Tuesday, at the same time, I must choose between the following great games:

Real Madrid-Juventus: A true clash of champions! A repeat of the 1998 final between two of the greatest teams in the world!
Liverpool-Leverkusen: An exciting Liverpool side which got to this round after a spectacular win against Olympiakos, against one of Germany's top teams.
PSV-Monaco: The young Dutchmen have surprised this year, against an ever-strong Monaco side, who showed they can go almost all the way last season!
Bayern-Arsenal: Two of the best teams in Europe, for an always-nerve-wrecking English-German clash!

On Wednesday, my choices are not much easier:
Porto-Inter: The defending champions against one of this season's strongest teams!
Presently the two top teams in Europe, both playing overly exciting football, in what may become a super-match!
Manchester U-Milan: Two of the teams with most history in Europe, and with an amazing collection between them of some of Europe's best strikers.
Werder Bremen-Lyon: A French-German clash of two of the best teams of these two countries!

What to do!? What choices to make...?

This whole dilemma is, of course, purely seen from someone who wants to watch some amazing games, as I am sure the great fans of each of the teams, will not be faced by such petty dilemmas...

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