Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Football fanatic of the year nominee 2

Valencia is not a team where fans are listened to, and the leadership do what they want, like when they let the superb Mr. Benitez leave, and instead replaced him with the mediocre Mr. Ranieri.
Last Saturday, Valencia lost at home 1-2 to Deportivo la Corunya. It has become too much for Valencia fans to see their beloved team, defending Spanish and UEFA Champions, being humiliated again and again. And in such circumstances, it seems much more pathetic that the coach, does not listen to the clamour of the fans, and starts using two of the players who for the last few season's have given most to Valencia: Pablo Aimar and Mista.
In the 1999-2000 season it was the clamour of fans that made Hector Cuper put "El Piojo" Lopez back on the team, which eventually made it all the way to the CL final. Last Saturday the Valencia fans strongly voiced their dissatisfaction with how things are going: they whistled the team off, while waving the white handkerchiefs.
Valencia fans are great fans. Let us hope the team listens, and starts performing like the defending champions they are!

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