Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Champions League 04-05: last 16 predictions

The last-16 round of the 2004-05 Champions League starts tonight. Here are my predictions for the next round:

Real Madrid-Juventus: This will be a match between a strong attack and a super-defence. Juventus defence is looking immensely strong, while Real Madrid’s strikers have not looked the best this season. Also, in defence, in spite of improvements, Real Madrid has a long way to go. Juventus will go to the quarterfinals.
Liverpool-Leverkusen: Likely to be well-fought encounters. Liverpool showed against Olympiakos that they can fight to the end, but are not doing to well in the Premier League. I believe though, that a strong Leverkusen will edge ahead, maybe after extra time.
PSV-Monaco: Monaco is not as strong as this year, and will have a difficult time defeating a well-playing PSV side. However, I believe that in the end, the potent striking force of Monaco will help them go to the quarterfinals.
Bayern Munich-Arsenal: Arsenal has had the shot for the CL for many seasons, but the tournament seems cursed for them. As they are not looking as strong any more, I believe that a Bayern Munich team, that has been marvellous in the first round, will be victorious.
FC Porto-Inter: With many changes, FC Porto is far from being as strong as last season. At the same time Inter has displayed their usual good defence, with a potent striking force. Inter should go on to the quarterfinal.
Barcelona-Chelsea: A true clash of titans. Barcelona has not been that strong in the last few weeks, but looks concentrated on the match against Chelsea. I believe the striking force of Barcelona will triumph.
Manchester United-AC Milan: Man U will be fighting hard for the title. But AC Milan is notoriously hard to defeat, at the same time as they possess some of the best strikers in Europe. So does Man U, but Van Nistelroi & Co. will have to play their best to defeat a strong Italian defence. It will be a close game, but I believe Milan will win.
Werder Bremen-Lyon: Lyon should never be underestimated, and has been surprisingly strong this season, but I believe a Werder Bremen team, with an excellent Klasnic in attack, will edge their way to the quarterfinals.

It will be great football! Can’t wait for tonight! Good Luck to fans of all teams!

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