Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Arsenal-Manchester United

The match was no disappointment! 2-4 to the Reds after an entertaining and intense game! The players were probably a bit too excited, and the attitudes shown by the two captains, Mr. Vieira and Mr. Keane, by not greeting one another before the match, was simply scandalous. How are fans supposed to behave when players incite such animosity!?
However, an excellent referee kept things well under control, and all cards were given deservedly, specially the one to a stupid Mr. Silvestre.

Now, as to the match, it was great: Denis Bergkamp was playing an incredible game, and it was truly a joy to see him back, specially for his 2-1 goal. The ever-threatening Wayne Rooney displayed good overview when passing the ball to Manchester's equalizer, while Cristiano Ronaldo was a dynamo. In the end, the speed and technique of the Portuguese youngster proved to be one of Manchester United's best weapons.
And that Manchester United has a good arsenal of young talents, was proven by the late goal by John O'Shea.

Manchester United now takes second spot in the Premier League. But still seven points behind Chelsea, it is becoming more and more probable that Chelsea will be champions.

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