Monday, July 05, 2004

Roskilde Festival: Nephew

I was at the Roskilde Festival all weekend. I guess a person sometimes needs to relax without football.
There is a Danish Band called Nephew. Their concert was absolutely great. Amazign sound, good beat, fun and engaging songs... I would have given the concert highest marks, six stars, but they will only get four. Firstly, the lead singer, Mr. Kvam, was wearing a Chelsea shirt during the whole game. Couldn't you have found a better team!!?? Secondly, he said Brøndby sucks, and every Dane with the least knowledge of football, knows Brøndby is the single best team in Denmark.
I am glad Nephew is a music band. I need to buy their record. But I obviously know much more about music than Nephew knows about football.
Thank you for a great concert though!

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Stig said...

Well, jeg synes jo bestemt at de sang "Katja Kean er stra, Brøndby de er klaamm" til koncerten på Roskilde, men når jeg hører pladen synes jeg nu mere det lyder som "Don Ø er klam", og det giver jo straks mere mening:-)
Iøvrigt kan man se at Simon Kvam er Silkeborg fan i sidste nummer af Gaffa, så måske han skifter han lidt imellem at synge begge dele?