Monday, July 26, 2004

Jurgen Klinsmann, new German coach

Jurgen Klinsmann was a great striker. I particularly remember his great goal against South Corea in USA 1994, when he tipped the ball to himself, turned in one move, and scored. Also, in Italy 1990, when he was a one-man attack, after Rudi Voller had been showed a red card.
Now, Mr. Klinsmann has been selected to succeed Rudi Voller as coach of the nationalmannschaft, whom he will have to lead to a World Cup triumph at home in 2006. He will not face an easy task, just as Mr. Voller did not. Germany is in awful lack of great talent, and is producing no strikers, in spite of the legendary ones they have fostered before, as Mr. Klinsmann himself. It will be interesting though, to see what he can do, with organisation, fight and will, things that have characterized German football before.
I hope he is fortunate, because Germany is always a great footballing nation to confront for anyone.
So from here, congratulations Mr. Klinsmann, and all the best!

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