Monday, July 26, 2004

Brazilian Greeks

Recently, in Copenhagen, I went to a concert with the marvelous Brazilian musician (and Minister of Culture), Mr. Gilberto Gil. In a rainy night, the crowd was a pleasant mixture of Danes, tourists and expat Brazilians. As a great artist, Mr. Gil played an Argentinian tango, in dedication of their South American brothers. Most Brazilians present at the concert, whistled at this dedicaiton to the neighbors.
This just to show that although I want to love Brazilians, I find it hard to. More so after their undeserved victory against a strong Argentinian side in the Copa America (first time that has ever happened) after penalty kicks.
Brazilians have all the reason to think they are the greatest footballing nation. They are. And tonight, they can formally call themselves Champions of The Americas. Congratulations to the Brazilian players. But Brazil is champion, having played like the Greeks, and making a shame at their own traditions of entertaining attacking football. The only team attacking, was Argentina. What an irony thinking of some of the earlier times when "bilardismo" swept Argentina with a defensive style. The roles have changed.Brazil has been loved for playing delightful and happy football. What an irony that they now are turning into the Greeks of Latin America.

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