Monday, July 19, 2004

Copa América semifinals

After this weekend's quarterfinals, the semifinals are:
July 20th: Argentina-Colombia
July 21st: Brazil-Uruguay

Two classic games:
Argentina-Colombia, is very special for the Colombians, who have a hard time forgetting their legendary 0-5 victory in Buenos Aires in 1993. The games are usually exciting and intense encounters, and this one will be no different. Persnally, it is a special game: I learned all about football when living in Argentina, and my football-heart is thoroughly Argentinian. On the other hand, I am half Colombian...
Brazil-Uruguay: Two world championship winners. Although a long time ago for Uruguay, it is still the smallest country in the world with the greatest footballing traditions. Encounters between these two great nations have always been incredible; just remember the 1950 World Cup final, or the semifinal in the 1970 world cup.

Shame I will not be able to see these amazing games...

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