Thursday, July 15, 2004

Copa América 2004

Many here in Europe (particularly in Greece) are passing a football hangover after the Euro 2004. However, for those of us who want to keep the ball rolling, there is currently the Copa América, now taking place in Perú, where 12 national teams are competing to become the best American football nation.

They have just reached the quarterfinals, and I will try my quarterfinal predictions:
Perú-Argentina: Very difficult game for the Argentinians against the home team, that has come from a second spot after Colombia in group A. Argentina also took a second spot after losing to Mexico, but utterly destroying Uruguay and Ecuador. However, a bit with my heart, I will tip Argentina as winners.
Colombia-Costa Rica: The defending champions of Colombia were undefeated in group A, and must surely defeat the Costa Ricans, who got the second best third spot, after a late 2-1 victory against Chile in their last game in group C.
Paraguay-Uruguay: To many people's surprise, Paraguay defeated World Champions Brazil in their last game in group C, to take the first spot. Now, although too often underestimated, Paraguay is a great football nation, and I believe they will defeat Uruguay. Uruguay, the best third, comes from a tie with Mexico and defeating Ecuador.
Mexico-Brazil: Brazil is always good, although they are without many of the stars from Europe. The Mexicans have defeated Argentina to win their group B, and were probably not expecting to be playing Brazil already. It will be an exciting game, and I believe that the Mexicans will manage to defeat the World Champions.

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