Thursday, December 08, 2022

Argetina versus Netherlands in World Cups

Tomorrow Argentina will face the Netherlands in what will be one of the most awaited quarterfinals of the tournament. Two great teams each in their way: the Argentina of Lionel Messi remain candidates for the title, but as yet to be really convincing, while everyone knows that the Dutch have the quality to make it all the way but appear to be unrealiable, and they are certainly not invincible as shown by Ecuador.

Historically it is also a special match. The two countries have faced one another four times before in a World Cup:

So in terms of World Cup history the Dutch have a slight edge over Argentina, although Argentina seems a bit better when it counts. 

Of course history counts for nothing when they face one another this time! Two fantastic teams, great fans (yes, I fully admit to have joined their ranks once in a while!), and what promises to be another historical match between them.

Go Argentina!

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