Wednesday, December 07, 2022

The World Champion passers from Spain

Spain-Morocco: four years ago both sides tied 2-2 in the group stages, and now they tied 0-0, and Morocco went through winning 3-0 on penalty kicks. 

An African team in the quarterfinals is great. Everyone supports Morocco. But let us be frank: they are not a team we like to watch. Defensive and well-organised, they are totally boring. 

But they remain the small team that defeated the Spanish giants.

The Spanish giants who are not that gigantic: since they won the World Cup in 2010 Spain has won three matches in a World Cup: against Australia in 2014, against Iran in 2018, and the 7-0 over Costa Rica this year. Not impressive, and in fact quite disappointing for a team with such quality players. But the truth is that Spain, as they did today, spend a lot of time passing the ball around, but lack any explosion. They had a possession of 77% but only one shot within the goalposts! 

That is not quality: that is inefficiency. 

Spain can simply not win by being world champions in passing, and not even able to make one goal on penalty kicks (three misses!!!)

Spain should be better than that, so in the end one has to wish Morocco the best and be happy for an African team in the quarterfinals, where they will face Portugal.

Portugal destroyed Switzerland 6-1. Nobody talks about them, but they are surely a serious candidate for the title, and are huge favourites against Morocco. The Moroccans can simply not play that defensively against a side that attacks like Portugal, and if they have nothing to offer then Portugal are a sure semifinalist, and a likely finalist! 

I hate this World Cup: it is a tournament of hate and anger. Just like the entire world. I would love to enjoy the football.

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