Monday, May 05, 2014

The side that could not be champion

A few weeks ago it seemed that Liverpool would win the Premier League title. They were playing well. They were confident. And most important of all, they seemed to be more consistent than their closest opponents. Perhaps it was nerves, pressure, or maybe even a curse, but now it seems very unlikely that Liverpool will be champions. Chelsea's 0-2 victory at Anfield was the first blow to Liverpool, who then had to hope that Manchester City would slip in their three remaining matches. City took the first step by an excellent 2-3 victory at Everton. So today the pressure was on Liverpool, away to Crystal Palace.
Liverpool were 0-3 up with 11 minutes left, only to throw it all away. Crystal Palace made it 3-3!
Liverpool have one match left in the Premier League, at home against Newcastle. If they win, they will end the league with 84 points. Manchester City currently has 80 points, and two matches at home against Aston Villa and West Ham respectively. Liverpool must attach themselves to the feeble hope that Manchester City, who has only lost one home match in the season (like Liverpool, to Chelsea), will lose one of these last two matches.
Miracles can happen, but they do not seem to happen to Liverpool any longer.
That said, Manchester City will be great champions.


El S said...

Yes, it was not to be this season but we will come back even stronger next season. It would always have been a bit premature for us to win this season as we're still building, have a great manager and solid owners. This is a first in LFC for many, many years. We're up to second from seventh and will be playing Chl football. Next season is bound to be cracking with a lot of teams strengthening. In the meantime we have a world cup to be looking forward to tickets or not...

El Erik said...

Yes, a shame for a great Liverpool side, but I think all fans will look forward to seeing them next year.