Saturday, May 03, 2014

The first step

Manchester City took the first step to the 2014 Premier League title with a 2-3 away victory to Everton. It was an exciting match where Sergio Aguero equalised for Man City after Ross Barkley brought Everton ahead on a splendid goal (Barkley may not have gotten the message that Everton should lose, since he played a great match).
Edin Dzeko did not win many friends when taking out time and complaining for no reason, but can still be credited for the remaining two goals for Man City, while Romelu Lukaku scored for Everton. Perhaps we should get used to it: Edin Dzeko's tears may be the only thing Bosnia-Herzegovina has to offer in the World Cup.
But it was a big step, being he most difficult match left for Man City, who are only two matches away from the title.

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