Thursday, May 01, 2014

From light into darkness in a moment

I have been supporting Valencia CF since 2000, and they made me incredibly happy in 2004, when they won the Spanish league as well as the Europa League title. Since then, Valencia has done from bad to worse. They have no chance of playing Champions League next season and are not much more than a mediocre side over the last season's. But against all odds they had made it to the Europa League semifinal to play another Spanish team, Sevilla. Despite losing 2-0 in the first leg in Seville, hope was there: in the quarterfinal Valencia had lost 0-3 to Basel, only to win 0-5 in the second leg!
Why not a comeback against Sevilla...?
And it seemed to be on the way. Until the 94th minute Valencia were 3-0 up, and heading to the final. But then Sevilla scored one of those goals that should never happen. One of those goals that brings you from heaven to hell in a moment; that turns happiness into sadness; euphoria into disappointment; light into darkness...
It could have been a fine football week. Now it was only a football week. And a horrible week at that.

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