Saturday, May 17, 2014


I cannot believe that on such a great football day, the Barcelona-Atletico Madrid and the Arsenal-Hull FA Cup final take place at exactly the same time! I do not know what game to watch! I always watch the FA Cup final! It is always a fantastic match and I am excited about Arsenal's possibility of winning a title after so long! Barcelona-Atletico Madrid is the first game in a week where the entire world, including myself, will be Atletico Madrid fans. Nothing more beautiful if they could screw both Barcelona and Real Madrid. But it will be hard, and this match will prove to be intense, with Barcelona under pressure to prove that they are more than mere nostalgia for former times.

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Unknown said...

Which one did you end up watching? I jumped back and forward between the two as I had the same feeling and both were thrilling matches.

Unbelievable to see Hull go up 2-0 in 9 minutes and I started to feel that this could be a thrashing. It's really been unbelievable to watch Arsenal not showing up in the beginning of a game so consistently this season. Now, Hull is not LFC and at the end they couldn't keep it up. Wilshere and Ramsey were really good and I am starting to entertain the idea that England may actually do well at the world cup (unfortunately they have a crap coach).

Thrilled to see Atleti win the spanish title. So important although LA liga still need reforms to strengthen its quality and brand. Alexis goal was unbelievable and just cant help wonder what it is that is not working at barca at the moment. Unfortunately, I didnt see the atleti goal as I was on the other match.