Thursday, August 18, 2005

World Cup qualifiers and friendly matches

Besides Denmark’s 4-1 destruction of England, there were some interesting matches all over the world yesterday:

  • Netherlands-Germany 2-2: As always, a classic encounter between two great teams. This time, German tenacity got them back from being 0-2 behind.
  • Spain-Uruguay 2-0: Spain displayed some of the best technical football they have had for long time, and is optimistic heading into the last part of their world cup qualifiers.
  • Liechtenstein-Slovakia 0-0: Liechtenstein summed yet another point to the World Cup qualifiers Group 3. They are becoming someone to be reckoned with!
  • Belgium-Greece 2-0: The Mpenza brothers were instrumental in giving Belgium the victory against the European Champions.
  • Argentina-Hungary 2-1: Young super-star Lionel Messi had his debut on the Argentinean national team, and received a red card after 30 seconds…
  • France-Ivory Coast 3-0: Zinedine Zidane is back with a goal, and to make sure we see France in Germany next year!
  • Morocco-Togo 0-1: Winning in Morocco is never easy, and Togo is showing why they are only one step away from going to the world cup next year.
  • Latvia-Russia 1-1: The result was hard-fought to keep pace with Slovakia on second spot in Group 3 of the European World Cup Qualifiers.
  • Tunisia-Kenya 1-0: With the victory, Tunisia rose to the first spot of the African World Cup Qualifying Group 5, ahead of Morocco, with only 2 games left.
  • USA-Trinidad/Tobago 1-0: With this hard-fought victory the USA is firmly on second spot in the North American-Caribbean qualifiers, and will almost surely be in Germany next year.

Many very exciting games! Most friendlies, but many qualifiers for the world cup, have left a lot of pending answers for the World Cup next year!

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