Friday, August 12, 2005

Football decoration at my work place

I work in a nice big office in a nice neighborhood of Accra, Ghana. Until recently, the decoration of the premises left much to be said.
Not any more!
Seems a major football fanatic just passed by (and I honestly swear that I didn't do it): In the halls, pictures of Ghanaian footballers have been hung up. These include pictures of Abedi Pele, Anthony Yeboah, Samuel Kuffour, Michael Essien, etc. All to remind us of the great football talent emanating from this beautiful West African country.
At the same time, in the meeting room, a human-size pap-mache statue is sitting with a football. Isn't this great...?
Does my work have anything to do with football? Not at all. But at least I get reminded of fotoball every day now...

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Anonymous said...

Please bring a picture of your office, if you can. I would to see how my former work place has been nicely decorated :-)