Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Denmark against the "Spice Boys"

There are many interesting national team games this evening all over the world. A few are world cup qualifiers (for instance Romania-Andorra and Latvia-Russia), but most are just interesting friendly matches: Take for instance Holland-Germany (with the rivalry between these two countries, one can barely call this a friendly match), Croatia-Brazil, Hungary-Argentina and Sweden-Czech Republic.
In Copenhagen, Denmark is playing against England. For Denmark, this is preparation against the all-important world cup qualifier against Turkey in September. For England, it is also a preparation against their coming qualifiers against Northern Ireland and Wales. In spite of these priorities, the Danes should be hungry for a victory against the Spice-Boys, who defeated Denmark 3-0 in the last-16 of the 2002 World Cup. At least I will be extremely disappointed if Denmark looses again, at home, against such a bunch of Spice Boys.
Good luck, England!

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El Erik said...

Amazing! England's largest defeat since 1980. Of course, back then, they were not a bunch of Spice Boys.
This is great!!! Makes you believe in the Danish team again!!!