Friday, June 18, 2004

Francesco Totti, spitting and Top-10 excuses

I have always admired Italians in general, and respected their football abilities. Now, I still admire Italians, but the respect took a hike with the attitude problem of Mr. Totti. I was positively surprised by the three games he got for doing it, and find it well deserved, as he might as well have spit on the Fair-Play patch they all wear. Mr. Totti is a very good football-player. He will never be a great player, because great players, are examples of their behavior.

With all this said, I do believe I will like to help Mr. Totti find some excuses for his behavior. So here are my suggestion for TOP 10 EXCUSES for Totti's spitting:

10) "All I wanted was to cool him off"
9) "Hey, I missed"
8) "I do not know who did it. Wasn't me!"
7) "The western Portuguese wind carried the spit in Christian Poulsen's direction"
6) "I want to be remembered as the Lama of Rome"
5) "In Italy, spitting is not an insult. It means "here, have some more pesto"
4) "It was a hot day, and I was sweating through my mouth"
3) "I needed three days off to visit the same great heairdressers the Poruguese use"
2) "I was just trying to say his name: Christian Ppprrrooulsen"
1) "Here. Try some of my hair-gel"


Stig said...

He he...

Anonymous said...

Nemlig! He-He!


Anonymous said...

Just a classic Italian game on Totti: