Wednesday, June 23, 2004


I am a very disappointed Dane. Damn. Not only did all the Swedish girls look better that the Danes, but we couldn't beat them in the first place. I would much rather have prefered Denmark and Italy (in spite of those charming Swedish girls) to go through.
Anyway, seen as a whole, Denmark and Sweden were the best I guess. Italy was a huge disappointment; I have no doubt that the biggest in the tournament. A goal in the end against Bulgaria does not take away the impression of a team without real "cojones". A shame, with such great players as Mr. Vieri, Mr. Del Piero, and in particular, Mr. Cassano, whom I look forward to see in the future.
Now, as a Dane: WE SHOULD HAVE BEATEN THE SWEDES!!! Not because I don't want to see them go through, but more because I fear the Czechs more than spaeking at my own funeral. I have very little confidence in the Danish team against the amazing Czechs, althoguh I will be crying my ass off in support of our guys.
Anyways, I have already bet a crade of Czech beer on Denmark losing... So I guess I can only be a winner on Sunday :-)

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El Erik said...

At least I won that crade of Czech beer!