Sunday, June 20, 2004

quarterfinal predictions

Last games of first round coming up. It is interesting that only two teams are out for sure (Bulgaria and Russia),a nd otherwise many have chances of passing. There will be many disappointments, and many happy people. These are my "subjective" predictions:

GROUP A: Greece will keep up the good work, and will defeat Russia. With their organisation and skills, they will be difficult for any team in the quarterfinal. I think Portugal will have to show something. Besides 30 minutes against Russia, they have been a great disappointment. Although better, Spain have also been disappointment. The team does not really have as many stars as most people brag about, and have shown signs of weakness in both their games. I believe the home-team will prevail, and this tournament will be another failure for Spain.
GROUP B: The French have so far been a bit arrogant, but with Switzerland, they must surely show their skills, and defeat a team which, in spite of still having a theoretical chance, should be no match for the mighty "Bleu's". Portugal in quarterfinal! England Croatia will be interesting, and I think that England, with their "ITalian" organisation fromt he first two games will get the necessary point to progress on the second spot. Greece-England will be a match between two of the best organised teams in the tournmament.
GROUP C: Here, I will be subjective. As a Dane, I want Demark to beat the Swedes, and so I believe they will win a narrow 2-1. Poor Swedes, they have been playing well, and it will be sad to see Henke and co. out. But sorry guys, that is football; come to COpenhagen and have a beer instead... Italy will surely beat the already defeated Bulgarians.
GROUP D: Best game fo the tournament was Netherlands-Czech Republic. Both teams should go to the next round. And so they will. Latvia will be no match to the DUtch attacking machine, and the Germans are such a huge disappointment again, that Nedved and Co. will get at least a tie and win the group.

I have been wrong before though, so we will see.. Good luck to all!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Erik

so far, monday afternoon, you are almost right.
I agree on your group B and C predictions, but I don't think that Holland will move on. Latvia is going to squeeze the juice out of the orange. Which means a quaterfinal with Denmark and Latvia :-)