Tuesday, June 04, 2024

New Spanish arrivals

So it has been confirmed: Kylian Mbappe is joining Real Madrid. Already the best team in Europe, the arrival of the great Frenchman would only seem to make it stronger, but at the same time we know how such an arrival can destabilize the team as different egos collide. That said, if anyone can manage such a situation it is Carlo Ancelotti. That said, it is also interesting how Mbappe will enter the tactical set up of Real Madrid. Both Carlo Ancelotti and Mbappe himself have proven quite flexible, so depending on the match it would appear that Vinicius Jr. could play on top with Mbappe on the left (and Bellingham just behind), or alternatively an Mbappe-Vinicius Jr attacking duo. It would appear that the main player losing his position would be Rodrygo.

But it remains to be seen.

FC Barcelona are struggling to catch up with Real Madrid. There was a circus in terms of Xavi leaving (first yes, then no, and then finally to leave anyway), and after many rumours it has been confirmed that the ex-Bayern Munich and ex-Germany manager Hansi Flick is to take over as FC Barcelona manager. He did not have much success as Germany manager, but as Bayern Munich manager he is perhaps best known in Barcelona as the one who presided over an 8-2 trashing of the Catalans in 2020. That said, he appears to be an interesting choice, although Circus-Barcelona probably needs much more than just a new good manager.

Real Madrid are favourites for the next season in La Liga.

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