Friday, June 22, 2018

The nice thing about Costa Rica

The nice things about Costa Rica is that they have a great goalkeeper and defend heroically. But that is about it, and any football fan should be happy that Brazil won a well-deserved victory against a defensive side.
That said, Brazil were not great, and they are difficult to like with Neymar's petulance and acting. He would be 100 times a better player if he didn't waste his time (although to his benefit, one has to wonder whether the pressure these guys are under is too much. I don't think so; they get paid more than Doctors, Teachers, Nurses, Cleaners, etc., for kicking a damn ball!).
The cancellation of the penalty has completely justified VAR. And I hope Neymar and many of the other players in the tournament who do more acting than playing, are learning the lesson.

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