Friday, June 29, 2018

The plot against Africa

Japan are a disgrace to football. Playing against the poor Polish side, and perhaps wanting to give the weak Europeans a victory out of courtesy, the Japanese relied on Colombia's 1-0 lead against Senegal. A Japanese goal would have put them through, but they decided to stop playing football instead.
Football is not about winning. It is about entertaining. If it were about doing what the Japanese did, nobody would watch it, and I do not understand why a team would not want to be eliminated with honour (such as Peru) rather than continuing in the tournament as a disgrace to the game, such as Japan are doing now.
I hope Belgium hammers the Japanese back to sumo wrestling.

All this said: that Senegal is eliminated because they had two more yellow cards is also disgraceful, since anyone knows how randomly referees award their yellow cards. The referee gave all the small calls to Colombia, who was mainly victorious because of a serious defensive error. Senegal are the last African team out. Nigeria were eliminated after losing 1-2 to Argentina in a match where they should have been given a penalty for hand-ball. With all three North African sides out early (although both Morocco and Tunisia finished off with a decent tie and a victory, respectively) Russia 2018 has most certainly not been the World Cup for Africa.

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