Sunday, June 17, 2018

Mexico defeats the World Champions!

Germany has been hailed as a favourite to defend their title, and today we saw what they are made of: a 0-1 defeat to Mexico, who had studied Germany's main weakness, namely their high and slow defense. This defense also almost cost them the title in 2018, but a German side without Lahm continues to use it, and this gave fantastic space to Miguel Layun, Carlos Vela, Chicharito, and most notably to Hirving Lozano, El Chucky, who scored the Mexican lone winner amid their many chances.
Germany pressed on, but bad luck, good goalkeeping and heroic defending gave Mexico the victory and Germany a costly defeat. But in the end, Germany have only themselves to thank: they entered the match with arrogance and underestimating Mexico. You cannot defend a title with such an attitude.
Mexico defeated the World Champions, but I hope this victory does not go to their heads. There are more very difficult matches ahead.

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