Friday, June 06, 2014

Update 2: Trying to get a ticket for the World Cup

I am trying to round up things at work and home before I go on my World Cup vacation, even though I may not be going to the World Cup itself. But I made one last attempt to get a ticket when I was informed that FIFA had now put thousands of tickets on sale on their site. From my poor connection in Liberia in the rainy early hours of the morning I logged onto FIFA to see the availability of tickets a new.
Unfortunately, my plane tickets and agenda for my vacation during the first round has been bought and paid, so it is no longer an option to go to any first round matches. It was nevertheless with enormous regret that I saw that there were tickets available for matches I had previously not been successful in my application for.
I then looked at quarterfinals and forward. Indeed, there were some tickets available, and I tried, tried and tried. I would punch the "add to shopping cart" button, only to be told "this ticket is sold out' as the page reloaded.
Needless to say, I was not one of the lucky ones.

I am looking forward for a wonderful vacation where I will go to different countries to watch football. But I will not go to Brazil, and this leaves me with a sense of regret and wonder at this ticketing process, where thousands can suddenly go on sale. Is this a result from the jungle of ticket sales in the first round, where I did not "win" either"?
I know that what I may say is sacrilegious, but what about the free market? I am willing to pay a lot of money for a ticket, but I am obviously so scary of tickets that will not be honoured that I have not done it. But I would gladly pay a much larger amount than what FIFA has sold them for.
I will be hugely disappointed if, like in South Africa, we will be seeing empty seats for the first round matches in Brazil.

I guess I have to plan for ticket for future World Cups. Who do I have to pay off to get a ticket for Qatar 2022?

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