Monday, June 23, 2014

Portuguese disgrace and the safest bet of the tournament

Before the World Cup started Group G was surely to be considered one of the most difficult groups of the tournament with four world class teams who could all upset one another. So far, three of these teams have shown the promise given earlier: Germany, Ghana and USA. Portugal on the other hand have been a disgrace. Their 0-4 loss was only in part due to Germany playing well (they did), but also to a completely disastrous line up and generally poor performance. Today, Portugal had to try to redeem themselves against a USA side who had won a hard-worked victory over Ghana.
The USA are good. Not brilliant, but good, and they will punish any team that underestimates them. I do not think that, as in 2002, Portugal underestimated the USA this time, but rather that the Portuguese did not have sufficient quality to face them. Ronaldo only showed glimpses of class. Nani may have scored one, but in general he had no quality whatsoever. Eder was, to say the least, nonexistent as a footballer. But worse was the defense: the entire match there was a huge open gap on the left side of defense, besides opening big spaces in the center. 
This was just plain lack of quality in the whole defensive line of Portugal, and more worryingly, the coach did nothing about it.
As the USA were arrogantly celebrating before the end of the match, it was nevertheless only in place that Varela equalized to 2-2 in the last second of the match after a great pass from Ronaldo.

I must admit I was hoping for a Portugal victory, since this would make it more likely for Ghana to go through. Although a tie is better than a USA victory (since that would have made it extremely unlikely that Ghana would go through), it must be noted that a tie in the final match between Germany and USA would put both these sides through. I do believe that to put your money on a tie in that match is a very safe bet, considering the close links between the two football teams.
It is just a damn shame for Ghana.
As to Portugal, while they still have a slight hope to progress, this would nevertheless be an insult for all football fans. 

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Unknown said...

Yep, I really expect a lot from Portugal, but I am not disgrace by them.
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