Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ynkeligt ynkeligt Brøndby

It is not much I follow Danish football as I am living abroad. Still, I try to always follow the results of Brøndby IF, although it has lately brought me in a foul mood to know that the once in Denmark so mighty Brøndby is only becoming worse and worse. It all seemed to start when Michael Laudrup left as coach - perhaps he was seeing a club with pedantic leaders who seemed to invest heavily on second-rate players from second-rate leagues and forget its youth programme. A club that had forgotten that it belongs to the fans and not to one family.
Today Brøndby lost to the bottom team of the Danish league, HB Køge, 1-3 at home, and the club that sees itself as belonging to the top of Danish football should now admit that the top of Danish football belongs to other teams that have worked hard and retained what it is to be a top football club, values that have been forgotten in Brøndby.
The coach Kent Nielsen has been fired, but truth is that the problems are much deeper: there is an inept leadership and most players are simply not good enough if Brøndby has to return to the top - most of the players go.
Ynkeligt Brøndby.

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