Thursday, March 18, 2010

Football life in Caracas

Notwithstanding that I am not normally able to watch Champions League, since it is in working hours, I was able to watch second half of Inter's splendid victory against Chelsea. It is not often that I support the Italian teams, but this time it was awesome to see them outplay a Chelsea side that with the years has lost its modesty. It is not often that I have supported Italian teams, but seeing Inter further in the tournament will surely be interesting. It is great to see that this season's CL has more variety across countries in the quarterfinal, with one Spanish team, one Italian team, one German team, one Russian team, and two English and (perhaps the surprise) French teams each.
In any case, I won't get to see much of CL quartefinals either. However, I went to my second Copa Libertadores match in Caracas, as Caracas FC hosted Universidad Católica de Chile. Both teams needed a victory, and in fact Caracas sought it more in the first half against a rather pathetic Chilean side. On the other hand, Caracas were slow in attack, and committed mistakes in defence. In the second half the teams were more equal, but both played poorly. The match ended 0-0, and had it not been for a great atmosphere, beer and songs it would have been a waste.
I have a ticket for the last first-round Libertadores match Caracas will play, on April 13th against Universidad de Chile, but I doubt I will use it: the match is bound to mean nothing as both teams are out.


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