Monday, March 22, 2010

The best: Lionel Messi

Today Barcelona defeated Zaragoza 4-2 in the Spanish League, and the small Argentinean super-star, Lionel Messi, scored three goals and got himself a penalty that he humbly let Ibrahimovic take and score. With these three goals Messi has scored eight goals in a week, and is far ahead in the top scoring list of the Spanish League. Messi is a one-man army, keeping a rather unstable Barcelona side fighting. And truly, the way Messi is playing, Barcelona can still win it all.
It is not only that he scores a lot of goals, but it is also the way he does it: they are gorgeous goals, and every moment he has the ball, one is expecting something great to happen. What Messi does is beyond football; it is art. There can be no doubt whatsoever that Messi is the best player in the world at the moment; that players like him only come once in a lifetime.
Besides this talent that all football fans are in awe about, the man is a model star: serious, hardworking, a team-player, as well as modest and humble, and these are all things where his greatness lies.
God has given all football fans a gift by letting us see Messi play football.


AequiX said...

Messi is on fire!!!! If he keep playing like this till June we may have a chance in the WC2010... Vamos Argentina!!!

El Erik said...

Indeed indeed!!!
I am totally hoping for that as well!!!!!

El Erik said...
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El Erik said...

This article from "El Pais" is very interesting, comparing Messi to the greatest (Pelé, Maradona, Di Stefano and Cruyff):

However, I agree with Tostao, when saying that we are in awe now, but that it is perhaps too early to put him up there, although he has indeed shown and won more at his age than some of these had at the same age.

But let is wait to write history, and just enjoy this outstanding player today!