Monday, April 11, 2005

Real Madrid-Barcelona

I had been waiting with excitement for this match for a long time. A match set up with the legends of former times, with many of the greatest players on the pitch. And with the rest of the world of football fanatics, I was not disappointed. The match was absolutely extraordinary from the first moment!
I watched the match in a sports bar in Accra, Champs, with a bunch of friends who know nothing about football. However, even they could see the marvels of this match, and it even angered me a bit when some would lift their arms at Madrid’s beautiful goals.
I do not like Madrid, but I can see when they do something brilliant. Specially Iker Casillas, was amazing, again tonight, and is on the way of becoming the world’s greatest goalkeeper.
Now, Barcelona is “only” 6 points ahead in the Spanish Primera Division. I hope they will become champions.
My dear Valencia is out. I just hope they might get the Champions League spot!

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