Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Bayern Munich-Chelsea

I do not dislike Chelsea at all. I rather admire what Mr. Abramovich has done (if I was a billionaire, first thing I would do was probably to buy a football team), and the team's great capability of changing styles: from attacking, counter-attacking and ultra-defensive. But yesterday evening, I found myself strangely supporting Bayern Munich.
Firstly, it was because in Champs Sports Bar in Accra, where I watched the match, I had to listen all night to the world's most annoying football fan, frantically (and not fanatically) cheering for Chelsea.
Secondly, I found the spirit the Germans put into the match very refreshing. Even when the game, at 1-2, was obviously lost, they kept pushing for the victory, which came, although bittersweet indeed. But again Chelsea showed why they are the favourites for this season's CL title: they were lucky in many situations, but like most great teams, they also search for their luck, and deserve to be where they are.
I look forward to next Chelsea match. Just hope I can avoid the wanna-be annoying fans!

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