Thursday, April 28, 2005

Champions League 04-05: semifinals 1st leg

In the semi-final between AC Milan and PSV Eindhoven, Mr. Schevchenko proved why he is the best striker in the world. His speed totally overwhelmed an otherwise stable PSV defence for the first goal. For the second goal, AC Milan showed its strong attacking credentials, when substitute Jon Dahl Tomasson made a second goal, making sure AC Milan is on their way to Istambul. It was all a pity for PSV, who had played an excellent match, and certainly did not deserve to go down like this. If they are to have any chance at all when playing in Eindhoven, they will have to be more dangerous in attack.
Liverpool got a good result from Stamford Bridge, with a goalless draw. Liverpool were motivated and showed great discipline, while Chelsea was a bit disappointing. While Liverpool will have a crowd hungry for titles supporting them, Chelsea is full of confidence, and the match will without doubt be far more exciting than the one last night.

When are the next matches?
- May 3rd, 20:45: Liverpool-Chelsea
- May 4th, 20.45: PSV Eindhoven-AC Milan

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