Saturday, September 25, 2004

Top Ten World Cup goals

As I had just been thinking about my favourite top-ten world cup goal celebrations, the natural thing occured, that I should also publish my top-ten favourite world cup goals.
This is a bit hard though, as it is very personal on the one hand, and on the other, there are so many... But here it is:

1) Maradona's second goal against England, 1986: A true classic, when The Master himself strolled through half the English team, to score a great and important goal.
2) Dennis Bergkamp, in the quarterfinals Netherlands against Argentina, 1998: a long pass into the Argentina area is taken down superbly by Mr. Bergkamp, and he scores a glorious goal.
3) Eder, Brazil, against the USSR in 1982: I was young, and very impressed by the little tip Mr. Eder gave the ball, before hammering it in from afar, behind a surprised Mr. Dassaev.
4) Michael Owen, England quarterfinal against Argentina 1998: Mr. Owen was only 17 years old when he fought through the Argentine defense with speed power and talent!
5) Jorge Negrete, Mexico against Bulgaria 1986: a classic and gorgeous bycicle kick. Usually it was Mr. Hugo Sanchez doing them, but Mr. Negrete showed he could as well.
6) Owairan from Saudi Arabia against Belgium in 1994: It was a surprising victory for Saudi Arabia, after a wonderful goal by Mr. Owairan, in which he showed technical superiority by strolling through the Belgian team.
7) Claudio Canniggia, against Brazil 1990: Only attack by Argentina in the game, in which Maradona made a superb pass to Canniggia, who struck like a lightning.
8) Iordan Letchkov against Germany in the quarterfinal 1994: A great header which gave Bulgaria a spot in the semifinals.
9) Michael Laudrup, Denmark, against Uruguay, 1986: A brilliant Danish side, with a 21-year old Michael Laudrup, who danced through the Uruguayan defense and scored from a very sharp angle.
10) Carlos Alberto, Brazil 1970 final against Italy: This goal is a classic in the Brazilian combinations. With a short pass from Pelé, Carlos Alberto hammered the ball into the net.

There are many other goals though, which I knowingly have taken out, but which would very much deserve a place in such a list:
-A young Pele's beautiful tip over a defender in the WC final against Sweden, 1958
-Allchurch's amazing first-timer when scoring for Wales against Hungary in 1958.
-Just Fontaine in the semifinal against Brazil in 1958, when he combined beautifully with Raymond Koppa.
-Kurt Hamrin's classic goal for Sweden against West Germany in the 1958 semifinal.
-Jairzinho's hammer against England in 1970, after combining with Tostao and Pelé.
-Archie Gemmill from Scotland, against the Netherlands in 1978 .

There are so many!!! Anyone is more than welcome to add more!

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