Sunday, July 08, 2018

The semifinals

The semifinals of the World Cup are as follows:
  • France-Belgium: In my view this is the moral final of the tournament. Belgium eliminated mighty Brazil (who continues being not so mighty after all), while the French have not impressed, but have been steady throughout the tournament. France are favourites because of their history, but Belgium are favourites because of their players. Personally, I favour Belgium: it a great side and best of all, the least nationalistic country of the World Cup. I hate all the nationalistic shit of this tournament.
  • England-Croatia: Croatia are in their first semi-final since 1998. Luka Modric has probably been the best player of the tournament, but the team has not always looked on top: against both Denmark and Russia (great sides but not among the best in the world) they struggled and only won on penalties, and have looked tired. England on the other hand have played well, but have only been up against quality opposition when they lost to a Belgian B-team. They struggled against a weak Colombia and easily pushed aside the overrated Swedes. I certainly hope Croatia takes out England, which I find the least likeable team of those four that are left. 

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